Zimmer Combines Gender Solutions technology

Zimmer, a manufacturer of orthopaedic prosthetics, will air an OR-Live webcast on May 27th at 7:00pm featuring the Gender Solutions Natural-Knee Flex system. For physicians with patients who want to retain an active lifestyle after replacement, this system is compatible with muscle-sparing Zimmer® Minimally Invasive Solutions™ procedures and has high-flexion capability up to 155 degrees. The device also features delamination-resistant Prolong™ Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene tibial and patellar articular surfaces, CSTi™ porous coating and the Ultracongruent articular surface.

The live procedure will be performed by Dr. Ken Gustke and moderated by Dr. Steven Lyons. Both are Orthopedic Surgeons at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida. During the webcast, viewers can email questions directly to the doctors who will respond, live, with relevant clinical information.



Kenneth Gustke

Kenneth Gustke, MD

Steven Lyons

Steven Lyons, MD