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Branded Video Channel

You are watching the introductory video to the Virtual Brain Tumor Board, a customized website built using the same functionality available on and hosted by ORLive.  We call this distribution option a branded channel.

A branded channels from ORLive have driven results like these:  

A virtual review board with over 2,000 weekly regional and global participants
An interactive patient education portal drove over $8MM in increased service revenue over a 24 month period
Online education seminars that saved over 500 clinical staff hours each year
Interactive nursing portal that increased recruitment over 80% driving over 1,000 applications
Private sales portal that drove over 20% increase in sales over a 6 month period
A service line showcase portal that was the center of a successful $35MM capital campaign

 We can help you get started delivering similar results - just follow the links on this page.

View a full example of an ORLive Branded Channel at