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Physician Insight:
What is Angiogenesis- Dr. Folkman

Vascular Anomalies: Watch specialists from Children's Hospital Boston's Vascular Anomalies Center (VAC) as they discuss and diagnose unique cases that have been presented to them by other institutions for their internationally recognized expertise.

The VAC tracks the largest clinical volume of vascular anomaly patients in the world with more than 400 cases seen and reviewed annually. Their weekly Vascular Anomalies Conference serves as a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration and dissemination of academic and clinical information.

Encompassing benign tumors (such as hemangiomas), rare vascular tumors and vascular malformations, vascular anomalies are commonly misdiagnosed. Inadequate or inappropriate treatment often follows. To ensure the best outcome, individuals with vascular anomalies require the combined expertise of an experienced, interdisciplinary team of specialists whose primary focus is the management of these complex disorders.

This Webcast will highlight the VAC team as they evaluate cases, provide diagnoses and treatment recommendations, and answer questions e-mailed to them from physicians and families live. All viewers are encouraged to e-mail questions during the broadcast.



John Mulliken

John Mulliken, MD

Steven Fishman

Steven Fishman, MD

Judah Folkman

Judah Folkman, MD

Ahmad Alomari

Ahmad Alomari, MD

 Chieh-Min Fan

Chieh-Min Fan, MD