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Biomet Microplasty® ASI (Anterior Supine Intermuscular)

Hip Surgery: Biomet Inc., and the Texas Center for Joint Replacement present the Microplasty® ASI (Anterior Supine Intermuscular) Hip Procedure from Presbyterian Hospital of Plano. Join Roger H. Emerson, Jr., MD, from The Texas Center for Joint Replacement for this live webcast at 4:00 pm CT (22:00 UTC)

The anterior supine hip approach is truly minimally invasive since no muscles are cut during exposure of the hip joint. This will permit the most rapid return to activities possible after hip surgery and should minimize some of the muscle atrophy seen with the posterior approach, which necessitates splitting of the Gluteus Maximus and cutting some of the hip rotators. The risk of hip dislocation is minimized by the anterior approach since the posterior soft tissue sling that supports the hip is flexion is less disturbed.



Roger Emerson Jr.

Roger Emerson Jr., MD

Edward Stolarski

Edward Stolarski, MD