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Radioguided Parathyroid Surgery
Tampa, Florida

“ We saw a great opportunity to help Tampa General extend their brand online and demonstrate their position on the leading edge of parathyroid surgical techniques.”
- Peter Gailey, President, ORLive

Increase referrals to Tampa General Hospital for parathyroid procedures and position the hospital as a world leader in the treatment of parathyroid tumors.

Dr. James Norman of Tampa General Hospital patented a minimally invasive procedure to perform parathyroidectomies that has a 99% cure rate and only requires a one-hour hospital stay. The hospital saw a huge opportunity to attract patients from all over the country by spotlighting Dr. Norman and highlighting the benefits of its new technique.
The hospital wanted to market this radioguided surgery directly to endocrinologists and patients suffering from parathyroid disease, but they were unsure about the best vehicle to reach this audience.

Tampa General

Educate patients and physicians with a live webcast from Tampa General Hospital, showing this new and minimally invasive parathyroid procedure done by a leading expert in the field.

Tampa General partnered with ORLive to produce a live broadcast of a surgery performed by Dr. James Norman, one of the world’s foremost experts on parathyroid disease. Having pioneered this ground-breaking surgery in the 1990s, and now exclusively concentrating on this type of surgery, Dr. Norman walked viewers through the 15-minute procedure, spoke about the benefits of the new operation and held a Q&A session with the online audience.
The surgery streamed on a special channel on the ORLive and Tampa General Hospital websites and included “chapter-ized” comments from Dr. Norman, allowing patients to easily navigate the content. The channel also integrated a contact submission form so patients interested in the procedure could make an appointment or request more information, without leaving the live video stream.

Total Live Audience
Total Live Viewership
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Total Viewership
600 requests for appointments
2,068 requests for more information

The webcast engaged and educated patients from all over the world about the new procedure and allowed them to make appointments for a consultation.

The webcast was able to position Tampa General Hospital as the world-leading institution for treating parathyroid patients, and it reaffirmed Dr. Norman’s status as a pioneer in the field. The webcast resulted in 600 referrals to the hospital. The event was so successful, the hospital has developed an ongoing relationship with ORLive, producing webcasts for carotid artery disease, spine surgery, and laparoscopic nissen fundoplication.

Tampa General

“ Our relationship with ORLive provides a lot of value in the eyes of our surgeons and sets us apart from other hospitals in the region. ”
- Jean Mayer, Senior Vice President, Strategic Services, Tampa General Hospital