Integrated Marketing

First Health of the Carolinas

FirstHealth of the Carolinas
Moore Regional Hospital
Pinehurst, North Carolina

“ORLive gave us the ability to enhance and extend our brand beyond our typical primary and secondary market, while in the shadow of two nationally known academic medical centers.”
-Leslie Deane, Director Planning and Marketing, FirstHealth of the Carolinas

Develop a means to raise awareness of a unique procedure to treat atrial fibrillation, and increase the effective service area by driving referrals from the wider market.

With a relatively small heart program in a community hospital operating in the shadow of two nationally known academic medical centers, communicating beyond their primary and secondary market region is always a challenge for FirstHealth. When a cardiac surgeon at FirstHealth developed a new Ex-Maze procedure
to treat atrial fibrillation, they knew that they could expect referrals from a much wider market if they could get the word out. FirstHealth wanted to be able to reach a broader group of referring physicians and patients than they could with typical media solutions.

First Health Video page
The Ex-Maze live broadcast gave referring physicians and prospective patients the opporutnity to ask questions during the broadcast.

Create awareness through a live panel discussion showcasing the procedure and expertise of the FirstHealth cardiac surgeons and provide a resource for referring physicians.

ORLive produced a live webcast featuring a panel discussion with the cardiac surgeons that developed the Ex-Maze procedure. The broadcast included a live studio elements, and roll-in footage of the actual procedure. The broadcast was further enhanced through the addition of multiple short on-demand video clips of the surgeons describing the procedure and patients sharing their recovery experience. Viewers of the live broadcast were provided the opportunity to ask questions ofthe surgeons, to be answered during the broadcast, through an interface located on the page serving the video, as well as the ability to request a referral.

ROI REPORT (June 2010)
Total Live Audience 650
Total Views 13,000
Video Referrals 26
Integrated Referrals 48
Additional Service Line Margin >$50,000
Extended referral service area
Improved monitoring of media buys
Key element in a successful $35MMcapital campaign

The high quality production enabled a successful live event and now represents a renewable marketing asset to drive referrals from outside of the typical FirstHelath service area.

The live event helped to generate a buzz around the heart program at FirstHealth, helping to draw national press attention. The broadcast has proven effective in driving a wider referral service area, and the video has been an integral component in several campaigns since it’s original air date.
Using reports from ORLive FirstHealth is able to measure the effectiveness of related media buys, and have used the video in fund raising campaigns.

Banner adFollowing the live broadcast, FirstHealth created a fully integrated marketing campaign that continues to provide a source of referrals for the Ex-Maze procedure from outside of their traditional service area.

“We’ve used this video as a resource to drive referrals, raise our brand profile, track the effectiveness of media buys, enhance donor relations. ORLive is on the mark. ”
- Leslie Deane, Director Planning and Marketing, FirstHealth of the Carolinas